Chinese Medicine believes that human body interacts everywhere inside, and also outside with all aspects of life, the surrounding environment, our diet, the time of a day, the seasons, the weather etc. emotionally and physically every second.  It must prove something that the Chinese Medicine has not only existed for more than 3000 years, but also has gotten increasingly popular globally these days with the help of modern transportation and media.   

What it is
Acupuncture is based on a meridian network system composed of 14 regular meridians, 365 regular acupoints and about 1600 extra acupoints. This meridian network allows a unique material, called Qi (pronounced chee), to flow throughout all organs and all systems in the body. The key to health depends on the unobstructed flow of Qi or "life energy" through the body.

Acupuncture harmonizes the emotional and physiological status by working closely with the nerve, endocrine and immune system, intending to strengthen the function of all organs and systems so as to maintain and/or to restore health and wellness.  

The importance of acupoints
There is a set of acupoints throughout the body and each point can be used as part of a treatment for various issues. For example, acupoint PC6 will, in minutes, relieve nausea for pregnant ladies, anxiety for folks dealing with it and adjust the heart rate of people with tachycardia.

Simultaneous impact
Studies across the world have shown that acupuncture affects a variety of biological systems at the same time - such as altering the level of neurotransmitters and hormones. Subsequently, multiple systems such as, the immune, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and digestive systems will be regulated to reach their optimal functions. Since the 90s, the functional MRI has been accessible for the investigation of quantifiable acupuncture effects on relevant structures of the human brain. The accumulated results demonstrate that acupuncture can specifically alternate the active pattern of one’s brain tissues. The modulation of the brain activation may be the important mechanism by which acupuncture exert its complex multisystem effects.

Every day we felt amazed as the patient described that he/she did not only experience great relief of his/her neck pain and low back pain, also experienced at the same time, less stress, less anxious, better sleep, decreased time to urinating in night, more energy, long time constipation also resolved, blood sugar more stable with decreased dosage of insulin, etc, the list can continue. 

Many yang lady, some even with PCOS or endometriosis, experienced not only get pregnant, but at the same time, also experienced no more menstrual cramps, period  more regular. They may get pregnant naturally the second time without need of acupuncture or/and Chinese herbs because the change of their body made by acupuncture become part of their own body. The same as for the patients who developed peripheral neuropathy due to chemotherapy, their numbness on legs has not resolved, also experience significant relief of stress, fatigue etc.

More than 90 percent of people with headaches, menopause syndrome, PMS, IBS dizziness, vertigo, allergies, asthma and nausea experienced good relief through treatment. Approximately 70 to 80 percent of people with a variety of muscular pains such as neck and back pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain and knee pain experienced significant relief. 

Acupuncture, a form of healing that considers the person as a whole: mind, spirit, emotions and body, has proven to be very helpful treatment with the least side-effects for numerous common acute and chronic medical conditions when there is no indication for surgical intervention. We sincerely recommend to use acupuncture as the conjunctive frontline treatment to restore optimal health and wellness as possible, together with all forms of health care approach.