Brain Injury, Stroke and Peripheral Neuropathy

Many different long-term lifestyle choices may eventually result in a stroke. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine these choices weaken the kidney and the spleen. These chronic weaknesses in the body’s energy movements eventually block the flow of blood through the brain. To treat stroke, the goal of a practitioner is to eliminate the phlegm, remove blood stasis, tonify the kidney and induce resuscitation. Accumulated studies worldwide showed that acupuncture is the only currently known treatment that directly help the regeneration of nerves. In our office, more than 90% of the case with peripheral neuropathy caused by Chemotherapy completely resolved. Patients also reported less intense headaches, better sleep, and general better wellness, and they are taught a few techniques to use during their day-to-day life, such as during the onset of headaches to keep them from becoming too intense.