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Pregnancy is a dramatically complexed process composed of many interconnected parts, compound, composite.  All the key point in the process of pregnancy has to be optimal for the completion of the full term of pregnancy.  Infertility can occur if any one of the key points goes wrong, especially, the in balance of body's neuroendocrine system.  


How Do We Treat Infertility:


In thousand years' history of Chinese medicine, acupuncture has been proved to increase the rate of pregnancy.  Current accumulated studies done on acupuncture and fertility across the world has showed that acupuncture may help correct problems with the body's neuroendocrine system. Acupuncture can help activate the brain to release hormones that will stimulate the ovaries, adrenal glands and other organs that are involved in reproduction.  Especially, two areas that appear to be more consistently helped by acupuncture treatments are in vitro fertilization and women who are infertile due to polycystic ovary syndrome.  For example,  one study in Acupuncture in Medicine and the other in the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation found a benefit when acupuncture was used on the day an embryo was transferred into a woman's uterus. Acupuncture can help increase a woman's fertility by improving blood flow to the ovaries and uterus so as to improve the quality of eggs and to optimize the thickness of uterus lining, increasing the chances of conception. 

Infertility is also often stress-related, and is most common among women who work or live in stressful environments. In Chinese Medicine, acupuncture is used to decrease stress in the body by regulating the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system.


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