What makes our office unique, is that Dr. Li and Dr. Zheng possess expertise and great experience in both rehabilitation and acupuncture. Furthermore, Dr. Li has specific expertise in neurorehabilitation, for TBI, MS, stroke peripheral neuropathy, Dr. Zheng is specifically expertise in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation as well as in Ultrasound test and guided injection therapy.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is a unique medical field that focuses on taking care of the patient as a whole rather than just treating a single part of the body. Its goal is to minimize the suffering, pain, and impairment, as well as to maximize the daily functions and overall quality of life. Neurological rehabilitation focuses on minimizing disability and maximize functional recovery after brain, spinal cord injuries, MS andperipheral nerve damage. In acute stage, there is still no very effective approach to save damaged brain tissue either in case of TBI or stroke. Therefore, traumatic brain injury (TBI) is still an important public health problem  in USA and worldwide. The estimated 5.3 million Americans living with TBI-related disability face numerous challenges in their efforts to return to a productive life.  Acupuncture is the only treatment that can directly reduce the swollen, the inflammation, promoting restoring circulation in very early acute stage, However, the great value of acupuncture in reducing the damage and promoting the healing processis still not recognized and get accepted in USA.  It is believed that in very near future acupuncture will be used as early as possible in the acute stage in conjunction with the traditional management to greatly improve the recovery of patients with TBI and stroke.

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation focuses on pain management,  strengthening muscles and the improvement of joint movement by therapeutic exercise, assistive devices, heat therapy, massage, exercise guidance, life style modification, injections and, if necessary, medication. Furthermore, Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography, Nerve Conduction and Electromyography (EMG) are advanced techniques that are very helpful and may be necessary for further research on detailed pathological changes. These techniques are especially helpful in difficult and chronic situations involving a variety of Musculoskeletal and Neurological conditions.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) is a ground breaking non-operative treatment option that relieves pain by naturally promoting lasting healing of musculoskeletalconditions.  PRP is a rapidly emerging technique that shows very promising potential for many conditions such as osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and tendon tear.  Our office is equipped with the technique to provide high quality and super concentrated platelets with amazing results. All PRP injections are performed with ultrasound guidance.

Fenestration Therapy is intended to induce tendon healing through multiple tendon needling in the cases of tendinosis, calcific tendinopathy (tendon with calcium deposit) and tendon tear. Fenestration triggers natural healing process for tendon significantly. It is recommended to combine with acupuncture treatment to achieve the best results. Fenestration of carpal tunnel combined with steroid injection grants great pain relief and lessening of finger numbness and tingling for carpal tunnel syndrome. All fenestration procedures are performed with ultrasound guidance.

Very few rehabilitation physicians combine acupuncture with rehabilitation in daily practice. At our offices, we not only can take care of your discomfort, pain and impairment, but also enhance the wellness of your body and guide your daily activities for a healthy life.